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Mosby Planning Insurance

Nobody wants to review their insurance. We do the work.

Mosby Planning Insurance

“My husband and I just had a transition in brokers and could not be happier. Our new team at Mosby is amazing to deal with. They are fresh, insightful, knowledgeable as well as personable. They genuinely care about us as people and not just about making our money grow, but they do care about that too!  They are helping make our financial dreams become a reality…and sooner than we had anticipated. They work hard and are always putting our interests first. We could not have asked for a better team and can’t wait to see what the future brings”.
Calgary, Alberta

Mosby Planning Insurance

We work with the best.

We work with the top-rated insurance companies in Canada to provide our clients with options, opportunities, and confidence in their provider. We pride ourselves on being hands on throughout the process, and accountable for client outcomes.

Insurance products.

Disability Insurance.

Mosby Planning Insurance

Protection in the event of loss of income due to an injury or illness. Plans are available for the self-employed or for members of group plans who are looking to enhance the coverage provided by an employer.

Critical Illness Insurance.

Pays a tax-free lump sum in the event of a covered illness. Protects your savings should you experience a loss of income and/or increased medical costs. Provides flexibility during recovery as the money can be spent on anything that you want.

Mosby Planning Insurance

Term Life Insurance.

Mosby Planning Insurance

Protects your survivors from financial hardship. Used for shorter term needs such as covering your mortgage, or temporary business needs. This is the least expensive way to purchase insurance, and is an excellent place to start.

Permanent Life Insurance.

Mosby Planning Insurance

Used to provide a lump sum of cash upon death to satisfy business obligations, estate settlements, charitable giving. Its investment component may be used as an alternative asset class to diversify your overall portfolio and increase tax efficiencies.

Travel Insurance.

Mosby Planning Insurance

Travel insurance offers peace of mind in case your plans don't go as planned. Having an accident or issue can be expensive and a pain to deal with if you’re away. Issues can and will come up - make sure you have the right coverage for your trip.

Health & Dental Insurance.

Mosby Planning Insurance

With personal health insurance, you’ll get reimbursed for eligible health expenses. This can include medical, dental, vision and other healthcare expenses that aren’t fully covered (or covered at all) by your provincial or territorial healthcare plan.

Mosby Planning Insurance

Nobody wants to review their insurance.

There's no need to sell anyone on the benefits of an insurance review. If you have changed, your insurance has changed. It's really that straightforward.

As independent advisors, we match the best products to our clients needs through unrestricted access to all insurance providers.


It doesn't hurt to take a look and make sure you're covered for where you are today. Give us a shout if you think it's time for a review.

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