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Create space for what you want to accomplish.


Proudly serving Calgary, Okotoks, and surrounding areas since 1979

In a new era of client experience, we have not only elevated our offerings to our clients, but how we work with them as well.

With locations in both Calgary and Okotoks, we can meet with our clients on their terms. We offer in office, on location, in home, video conferencing, and phone meetings. 

Mosby Planning Insurance

Andrew Prokopovych


My personal beliefs in life revolve around the ideas of discipline and dedication. I believe that anything is possible, if you make plans and commit to achieving your goals through thick and thin. Achieving financial independence is no different; you need to develop a simple plan and give it time to flourish.

My introduction to the financial services industry was while I was completing my Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Manitoba. I was inspired by the presentation of a veteran financial planner who focused on building long term relationships with his clients by helping them accomplish their business and family goals.

Fast forward to a decade later, I’ve had the chance to meet and learn from some of the top talents at the forefront of this industry, and mentors who have encouraged me to stay true to the values of honesty, transparency, and integrity of character.  Having various experiences in banking, investments and insurance roles has shaped my vision of what an independent and comprehensive financial planning firm should be.

I am a big believer in continuous development and improvement, and you will always hear me recommending new books or podcasts.  Having a young family of my own, I fully understand the struggle to prioritize the most important things in life. My goal is to remove complexities from financial planning and to provide our clients with confidence in achieving their long-term goals.

Mosby Planning Insurance

Marnie White CFP, CLU, CPCA


We all have something which we strive to achieve, and my role at Mosby allows me to help continuously raise the bar of what is possible for my clients and their businesses.

My introduction to the financial services industry was in 2005 when I worked in business development for a local actuarial firm. Over the eleven years that I spent with the company, I gained an in-depth knowledge of pension plans and other employment benefits tailored specifically for small to mid-sized businesses. I developed a profound interest in how tax laws in Canada impact business owners and their employees and eventually transitioned into advanced estate planning in 2016. As these laws continue to change, insurance remains one of the more powerful planning tools when it comes to reducing tax and maximizing wealth.

I have always worked hard to earn the trust of clients and their other professional advisors and my clients, in turn, believe strongly in the expertise that I provide. 

When I am off duty, I can be found exploring hiking trails, on the ski hill or perhaps on a beach in Mexico. I also love fine food, wine, and entertaining friends. I, therefore, go for long runs and spin my heart out regularly…because life is all about balance.

Mosby Planning Insurance
Mosby Planning Insurance
Mosby Planning Insurance
Mosby Planning Insurance
Mosby Planning Insurance
Mosby Planning Insurance
Mosby Planning Insurance
Mosby Planning Insurance

Our values.

We are focused, ambitious, and collaborative. 


We concentrate on what is meaningful, relevant, and achievable for our clients. We are just as focused on your goals as you are.


Every success story includes the people that helped along the way. We want to play a part in the story of your success.


You're here because you haven’t done it alone, and neither are we. We understand our value, and where our expertise ends and where someone else's begins.

Mosby Planning Insurance

Our history.

From then to now, in brief.

Established in 1979 by Harlene Day, a truly inspiring and formidable professional in the insurance space, Mosby challenged the status quo in every way. From anticipating trends, to building deep relationships with rural communities in Alberta, it didn't take long for Mosby to establish itself as a trusted and respected partner to with individuals and businesses. 

Over 40 years later, our reputation remains the same. Although the way that we work has changed, building relationships, being accountable, and continuing to be a trusted partner to our clients and network is the driving force for our continued success.


Mosby has grown and expanded into two definitive lines of business; Planning and Insurance. Our values, goals, and passion for our work have rewarded us with the ability to see so many of the families who we have worked with reach their goals, time and time again. We do things a little differently: we work a little harder than everyone else, we care a little bit more, and because of those little bits, we set ourselves apart.

Mosby Planning Insurance

Harlene Day CHS

Founder - Retired

Mosby began as a general insurance agency in Turner Valley and Harlene grew and evolved the business over her 42-year career. She built foundations for clients through trusted relationships that now span several generations. She exemplifies hard work, dedication, and integrity.

Always a firm supporter of local business, Harlene was a Director of the Okotoks Chamber of Commerce. Her community involvement also includes being Past Chair of the Foothills School Division, Past President of the Alberta School Boards Association and two decades with the Sheep River Health Trust.

Her legacy of empathy, objectivity, and exceptional service will endure as she moves on to new adventures in retirement. 

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